Wednesday, June 17, 2009

LA Fitness Opens!

We are so lucky to have such a great gym open just down the street. We have signed up for family membership and the daycare - I have absolutely no excuses now!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting Started...

I have managed to avoid serious exercise for most of my life. As a child, we didn't really do physical exercise as a family. While that may not have been as important in the days when food wasn't as processed as it is today and obesity wasn't a life-threatening epidemic, it's a different world today. I want Madison to grow up in a family where health and fitness are a way of life. And I want to become as fit and strong as I possibly can for me. I'm just too old not to pay attention to my physical well-being any longer without there being consequences!
So why running??? Aside from the fact that there are obvious health/weight benefits, I know so many people that actually love to run, Mike being one of them. For someone who has hated it every time they've tried - I find the fact that people love running a complete mystery. Also, I have never been able to run. I have always believed that I am too unfit/can't breathe properly/too heavy/too old etc. Could I ever actually enjoy running?! Another reason to try running is that it would be so great to share a passion with Mike and I can't see him scrapbooking or doing flamenco-dancing any time soon:). I really believe that a great relationship is not so much about gazing into each others' eyes but about looking outside of yourselves, together, in the same direction. I'm very lucky to have that in my marriage.
So this blog is dedicated to Maddy - I hope you will build great health habits and live a long and healthy life (and I really hope you'll never smoke:)) and I hope that you will actually enjoy exercise. It is also for anyone who is looking to overcome a mental and/or physical challenge or simply try something new. I also dedicate this blog to you Mike - I'm so glad to have you by my side (or actually about 5 minutes ahead) to help me on my running journey - I love you!
There's a thing in weight watchers called 'anchoring.' Basically, you use a physical object to remind yourself of something that you have been able to conquer in the past. You use your 'anchor' to restore your self confidence that you can also conquer weight loss when you are struggling to believe in yourself. One of the reasons I have decided to blog my running journey is to help me to overcome my mental running roadblocks. When I hear those (frequent) inside voices that say "I can't do this" I can log in to my running blog and remind myself that I already have:)...