Sunday, October 8, 2017

Beagle Rescue 5k

It was a slow, hot and sweaty night but sticking to the 3 runs a week is really helping and now I've done 6 virtual 5Ks for some really great causes this year! I'm finally starting to get faster and can run for longer without walking now. Hopefully the weather will let up soon:)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Service Dog for J Virtual 5K

For my virtual 5K this month I really liked this cause. Instead of a big charity, the proceeds went directly to one family so that they can get a service dog for their son Jameson, who has autism.

I was two days late for my April run but I still got it done! My time has really suffered so I need to work on that this month and stay focused especially as it gets even hotter....

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Heart of Gold Virtual 5K

For my event this month I signed up for the Heart of Gold virtual 5K to benefit the Joyful Heart Foundation at This charity was created by Mariska Hargitay who plays Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The content of the scripts, the work she did to prepare for the role, and the letters she received from her viewers opened her eyes to the epidemics of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Sadly:

  • One in three women report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend
  • Every two minutes in the United States, someone is sexually assaulted
  • More than five children die every day in this country as a result of child abuse and neglect and up to 15 million children witness domestic violence in their homes each year

  • The mission of the Joyful Heart Foundation is to transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and end this violence forever. A worthy cause indeed...

    The medal was a box of chocolates containing 11 removable chocolate charms. Some medals contained special prizes too (but not mine!). My goal was to break 37 minutes this month which I managed to do. I was especially happy that I motivated myself to complete it on a workday morning as well!

    So I've managed a 5K each month now for the last 4 months which I'm really proud of. Now to book next month's challenge...;)

    Sunday, February 26, 2017

    Run for the Rescues Virtual 5K

    For my event this month I found another virtual race on Flex It Pink's Facebook page benefiting Marley's Mutts - a dog rescue organization. I picked a great day - it was perfect weather for a run!

    Despite the lovely conditions, I haven't been running much this month so I found it really difficult and my time was about 10 seconds slower than last month. Regardless, I did it which I'm really happy about (since that's 3 5Ks in the last 3 months!) but I do need to start training if I'm going to be able to continue through our hot and sticky summer months:)

    Monday, January 16, 2017

    Puppy Rescue Mission Virtual 5K

    For 2017 my goal is to complete at least one event per month. I also want to align my activity with causes that I'm passionate about. I saw this virtual run for Puppy Rescue Mission (sign up here!) and thought it would be a perfect way to start out the year!

    The Puppy Rescue Mission helps deployed soldiers adopt stray dogs of war. Animals rescued by and bonded with soldiers overseas are often logistically difficult to bring home. This organization assists with the process to enable soldiers to bring home their companion animals from war.

    My senior puppies had no interest in joining me but I could feel them rooting for me from their couch:)

    My time was over a minute faster than December which I was really happy with since it was my first run this year! The medal was also adorable and says "Soldiers savings Puppies and Puppies saving Soldiers" at the bottom. There are still medals left so you can still sign up and choose any distance too!

    Sunday, January 1, 2017

    Light up the Night 5K

    Exactly 9 weeks after my surgery I am proud to have completed my first 5K in a very long time! The race was to  raise money for a local teacher who is battling cancer and it was really inspiring to see how many neighbors, parents and students showed up on a Thursday night to show their support. We ran through the streets of Independence and the decorated homes were a great distraction! 

    It's hard not to compare my current pace with the past but considering everything my body has been through I am happy to have come in under 40 minutes:)

    It felt good to be active again and at the same support such a worthy cause. Looking forward to getting out there more in 2017!

    Sunday, November 27, 2016

    The Road to Recovery!

    Now that I am recovered from my surgery, it's time to get activity back into my life as a priority. I feel so much better it's incredible and I'm looking forward to feeling even better still as I get back into the habit of working out regularly:)

    Sunday, October 4, 2015

    Pink on Parade 5K

    Lu and I had a perfect morning at the Pink on Parade 5K in Celebration! I haven't been running hardly at all lately so it was really nice to just focus on supporting the cause and enjoying the experience. I ran when I could, and walked when I needed to. I was very slow but I did it:).

    Getting up before 6 at the weekend (particularly after a late night out) was tough but I did the old drill of laying out all my stuff and it wasn't too bad once I was actually out of bed...

    Like peas in a pod again:)

    We loved the T-shirts!

    I was so nervous on the start line - I haven't run for 3 miles since May!

     And we got cute medals!

    I'm feeling really inspired to focus on my health right now and I'm working on Daily Habits to stay on track for the last 100 days of the year. It's going really well. I read an excellent article (Forget the Goals) which explains the philosophy perfectly. I'm determined to end this year stronger!

    Saturday, May 9, 2015

    Miles for Milk 5K

    Lu and I have been doing Couch to 5K together over the past few weeks and it's felt great to get back into our old routines:). We were so happy when we realized that the Miles for Milk 5K - one of our all time favorite races - was towards the end of our training schedule so we signed up!

    Miles for Milk is to support the creation of a much-needed Milk Bank for Florida. It's at Bill Frederick Park which is close to home and so pretty and on Mother's Day weekend, naturally:)

    Last time we did the run, Lu wasn't even pregnant yet - and now she's an actual breast feeding mom - what a perfect celebration for her first Mother's Day and my birthday weekend!

    We both had such a great time. No pressure (it was a training run for us), plenty of chatting and thanks to some misleading signs we ended up with an extra half a mile at the end to take in the scenery:)

    And we made a new friend too - hi Leslie!

    All that fun calls for a sweaty hug :)

    Love ya sister!

    Tuesday, March 31, 2015

    Love all

    No races this month but we did manage a game of tennis with the Simards which was a lot of fun!

    Saturday, January 31, 2015

    Lady Track Shack - making a comeback!

    The Lady Track Shack 5K is one of my favorite races of the year! Lu, Maddy and I registered months ago to celebrate our comeback after Lu's baby, and Maddy's first 5K - together! It all felt like a bit of a fantasy after a whole year of not racing but I completed my Couch to 5K training on schedule and managed to complete a couple of practice runs. I laughed my head off when I saw the email that Track Shack sent out this week to promote their next event...

    I thought it was one of those clever personalized emails until I got a whole bunch of texts from people who got it too. How hilarious!

    On the big day I felt really nervous and out of sorts but ready to try a race again. It felt so strange to get ready at 5 a.m. when it was still dark and I was thrilled that Maddy decided to come (I wouldn't have blamed her if she had wanted to stay in bed!) and Lu pulled off the small miracle it takes to leave a 2 month old princess and get out of the house!!

    The T-shirts and tutus were so cute and it felt really great to be among 2,700 amazing pink ladies running to provide free mammograms within our community:) And to be back with Lu was really special - we took a million pictures just like the good old days!

    And with Maddy too this time!!!

     I have waited so long to share a day like this with my baby...

    The weather couldn't have been more perfect and I managed to run (slowly) the whole way just like I had planned. We had beautiful medals at the end and I was super happy with my performance:)

    But Maddy stole the show and managed to pull in a sub-40 minute 5K without trying or training!  We were all really proud of ourselves and each other!

    What an amazing day!!! Now I need to take my own advice (!) and "Stay Motivated" - it's going to be a great year!

    Saturday, January 3, 2015

    Back to Basics in 2015!

    Happy New Year to you all! A fresh, new start to a lovely, perfect, unspoiled new year is one of my favorite times of the year. It's a time to set new goals, dream a little and start over. I love it and it's exactly what I need to kick start my activity levels right now. 2014 was disappointing from a running perspective:(. I'm not going to go over all of the goals I missed for a change - I didn't do so badly in all areas and I've decided to just be kind to myself and look forward instead :). I am very happy to say that I did manage to end the year much more committed than I started it, and I've been running regularly again lately and am nearing completion of the Couch-to-5K program! I feel super proud of the training plan on the fridge with sessions actually crossed off to schedule!

    I'm not sure that these goals won't change but feel like I should write them down anyhow so here goes for 2015...

    1. Work out more often (3 times a week at least)
    2 12 events
    3. Any of the following: 10K, sprint tri, bike 25 miles
    4. Increase my walking
    5. Lose 15 lbs!
    These seem to be in line with where I am at right now and I know how to do this so it's time to get back to basics and make it happen! Happy New Year!

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    Making progress finally!

    I pulled off a virtual 5K today for diabetes on the treadmill at lunchtime! It was tough and slow but I am so stinking proud of myself that I got it done!
    So that's 3 races out of the 14 that I had planned done so far for this year - I think I'll sign up for another one and see if I can make some more progress:)

    Sunday, August 17, 2014

    My new plan

    The year is flying by and I have made little progress with my 2014 health goals:(. I've been wondering how to get back on track and whether or not these goals are even relevant to me any more? It feels so strange but I just haven't felt motivated to race lately and I'm not even sure if I ever want to get back to running at all. I have been dabbling with it the past few weeks on the treadmill for a couple of miles a couple of times a week but that is all. I don't have the confidence for an in-person 5K right now but I don't feel ready to throw in the towel yet either. I think I'll have a last 'push' and then decide if I want to continue with running or try something else completely. So here are my original goals and a new plan:):

    1. Work out more often (3 times a week at least) - I'm doing much better here lately:). I am still walking regularly and even managed to hit the work gym for a run at lunchtime this week. Working a midday run in twice a week when my energy levels are goo will really help me fit in my activity more regularly.
    2 14 in-person events in 2014 (one each month and a couple of extras). I think it's unlikely at this point that I'll get this done if they are all in-person :(. So rather than give up, I'm going to sign up for a virtual event so that I can still align with a good cause, have accountability to record my time, and share the experience with other runners, albeit electronically:).
    3. Any three of the following: 10K, sprint tri, bike 25 miles. I need to get started here - Biking once a week shouldn't be that much to ask surely!
    4. Either PR or complete a 5K in under 30 minutes during an event. I'm not even going to think about this one for now...let's see how I feel after a month.
    5. Lose 15 lbs! So I am about 2 lbs down. Eating clean and staying active is the right way so I need to knuckle down and get it done!

    2014 has been an amazing year so far with a fantastic new career start for me! I would love to end the year re-energized physically as well and there's still much of the year left. Rebuilding the habit will be tough but I know I will feel great and I have done it before so I know it's possible!

    I'm a CROW pro!

    Canoe Races of the World, also known as C.R.O.W., is a beloved, annual event that dates back to 1963. Scores of Disney Cast Members arrive at Magic Kingdom before sunrise each July to participate. About 80 teams (each has 10 people on board) compete on the Rivers of America before the park opens in canoes that were part of the original Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes attraction. Teams that row around Tom Sawyer’s Island with the best times, averaging around five minutes, advance to the finals and get a chance to race against the clock in a championship round.

    This was my third year as a CROW participant so I was only eligible to compete in the pro league which was a little intimidating! I wasn't sure how I'd even find a team since I had just transferred to my new position in the Workforce Management team in May so I was really thrilled to learn that the local CROW coordinator was in the office next door to mine. She got me hooked up and I was really happy to be able to participate for the third year in a row!

    The first year my boat came in at just over 7 minutes. Not fast enough to place, but a very respectable first-time performance. (link here!). Last year we came in at just over 6 minutes  (link here!) so that was the time I was looking to beat:)

    My new boat buddies...

    We were doing so well on the big day but unfortunately the boat in front of us ran into trouble and obstructed our final approach:(. We still beat the time but lost about 30 seconds in the near collision. Regardless, we had a great time and there's always next year! So happy I signed up and made some new friends!

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    Clare is Walking :)

    I always think that "not enough time" is a poor excuse for not working out. So I'm not going to say that:). I'm going to need to find a better excuse for why I haven't done hardly anything for literally months now...umm... how about "not enough energy"? Well it's still a bit of a lousy excuse but I think that's as close as I can get to why I've not stayed in any kind of training program for weeks. Truth is I have been completely and 100% focused on getting (and getting started with) a new job and everything else has been put to the side. I have managed to keep up with walking though and do about 10K steps almost every day now which is about double where I was at the beginning of the year. There are so many benefits to walking. It makes vacationing easy when you don't have to worry about tired feet. This is my 'highest steps' day of the year so far in DC - I had a blast :)

    And you get to see really cool stuff if you walk at night. Like this massive, amazing wolf spider with her babies on her back...

    Or this beautiful yellow rat snake...

    And this Mediterranean Gecko :)

    Best of all - our family walks are a great chance to catch up with each other and stay connected:)

    My family has been so supportive through the transition and now I've been in the role for 30 days I think it's time to get active again. I'm excited :)

    Saturday, March 29, 2014

    March for Meals

    This morning was a *landmark* moment because we did our very first event together as a family :) :). We supported Meals for Wheels at their 11th Annual March for Meals walk by beautiful Lake Monroe in Sanford...

    They had a great network of volunteers, sponsors and participants that all showed up despite the overnight rain to support their mission to feed homebound seniors in the local community...
    Since I got my Fitbit for Christmas, I've discovered just how sedentary my lifestyle is:(. It's been a big wake up call actually - I've learned that when I am not running or working out, I am basically sitting which is something I need to change by incorporating walking into my daily routine.
    And I'm also learning that I really like walking:). You can explore a new place in a different way, see new things and have some great conversations too! We also have a walking group now at work to stretch our legs during the workday:).
    We saw a ton of ospreys :)
    Too cute :)
    After we were done I ate my first Meals on Wheels breakfast (which was really good) and one of their volunteers played guitar. He was amazing and only 11!!

    Mike loved his shirt!

    And I won one of the drawings! A Target gift card - yes please!!
    Great cause, beautiful scenery and my little family all together - feeling so grateful this morning :)

     To find a local Meals on Wheels program, here's the link:)