Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lowry Park Zoo Run Run 5K

Today I completed my seventh 5K! Despite the fact that it was really packed which I always like (there were over 860 finishers and a fairly big crowd), and it was cooler than it has been lately, and I was running among wild animals, and I was with Emily, my mental game was pretty hopeless for some reason. I just couldn't wait for it to finish and even walked the final hill after mile 3. My time was 31:42 and we lost time at the beginning so I could have had a great time if I'd only gotten my head in the game! Not too sure what happened to be honest...I need some inspiration or maybe some new tunes on the ipod will do it!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Puzzle Run for Autism 5K

While we were in Orlando for Labor Day weekend, we decided at last minute to go to Oakland for their annual Puzzle Run 5K for autism. It was our first off-road experience through a variety of terrains including sandy roads, orange groves and some gravel trails through a really pretty park and neighborhood.

It was still dark when we arrived and I was really proud that we had managed to motivate ourselves to get out of our gorgeous, comfy Hilton bed!

After he crossed the line, Mike still had time to go back to the car and grab the camera to catch me coming in. Oh well, on the upside I guess I'm getting a longer workout than he is...;) 

Mike said the Vibrams weren't ideal for some of the rocky areas but he enjoyed the 'barefoot' experience overall. There was only one other Vibram runner there and loads of people came to ask him about making the switch.

I didn't feel like a complete dork in my compression sleeves - there were about 20 people wearing them!

I love this picture of us - you can't beat the feeling when it's over!

There were about 400 runners overall, Mike finished 2nd out of his age group (25:21) and I was 8th in mine (31:57) which we were both really happy with. Here's Mike getting his award...

During the speeches they told us that 1 in 100 children are affected by autism and 1 in 58 boys and there is no cure. Great cause, pretty race route, and really nice people - what a great start to Labor Day weekend and 5K season!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sole Searching...

I went to the running store and asked them to recommend a shoe to prevent injuries. I explained that I am trying to avoid heel-striking and about the shin splints and he recommeded I try these Newton shoes (my new shoes). Basically, they have a reduced heel and built up mid-sole with extra cushioning. They push you forward when you run so they are great for keeping you off your heels altogether but still give you protection on hard surfaces.

This is the company’s explanation of the technology:
“Newton Active Membrane Technology allows you to land on your forefoot safely. Few shoes can come close to Newton’s impact rating in the forefoot. When your forefoot impacts first your foot has less of an opportunity to pronate or supinate as it would if you were heel striking, minimizing injuries. After the forefoot makes impact and the actuators are driven fully into their corresponding chambers (the action), then levering and propulsion come into play. As you push off and drive forward the lugs are released (the reaction) providing energy return that in comparison to traditional foam shoes feels alive and fast.”

Anyway, however they work, I really love them! I'm not sure if it's the new shoes, wearing compression sleeves during runs, the icing, leg raise exercises or some of the Chi Running and Pose techiniques I've been trying, but I haven't had shin spints at all and have been running exclusively outside 3 times a week for a couple of weeks now. I'm so excited! I should be ready for a 5K soon!