Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goals for 2014!!

Setting goals is one of my favorite things to do:). It's a time to imagine the future, dream of what's possible, celebrate past accomplishments and put failures behind you and move forward:). So with that in mind, here are the not-so-spectacular results from 2013...

Goals for 2013:

1. Run more often. This one was an epic fail:(. I ran less often in 2013 than during the previous two years. I'd love to make it all better by saying that I fell in love with another activity but that would be a lie. I fell in love with laziness:(
2. Do at least 12 in-person events, and one each month. I completed 16 in-person events in 2013 but missed an event for two months of the year :(
3. Complete two Half Marathons. This time I mean it :). Apparently I didn't. I completed one Half and a 10-miler
4. PR at two different distances - existing ones. I PR'd at the Tower of Terror:)
5. Lose 15 pounds. Ruh roh. I weigh exactly the same today as at the beginning of 2013:(

So what happened??? There were some really bright spots to the year but part of the problem with hitting the goals was simple lack of motivation. I fell out of love with running during some of the year and didn't switch successfully to something else to stay active. I need to build that flexibility into my goals for next year for sure. June was tough - with more focus on proper sleeping habits I would have had a better chance at getting up to run more easily which is key when it super hot. I also wasn't very organized which would have helped me bike and swim when I didn't feel like running. Eating has been a bit of a hot mess this year. Too much sugar and mindless overeating.

So, here are my goals for 2014...drumroll please...

1. Work out more often (3 times a week at least)
2 14 in-person events in 2014 (one each month and a couple of extras)
3. Any three of the following: 10K, sprint tri, bike 25 miles
4. Either PR or complete a 5K in under 30 minutes during an event
5. Lose 15 lbs!

How am I going to do all of these? Firstly, I'm making the commitment by writing these goals down! I've already signed up for Janathon (which means I need to work out every day for a month) to start out the year on track:). I've also signed up for '14 in 2014' which gives me access to a group of people on Facebook doing the same to keep me inspired and motivated. Planning is going to be really important so my next job is to make a race/training plan for the year, to include some speed work. On the weight loss front, I'm wearing a new Fitbit and tracking calories on myfitnesspal. To help manage the sugar cravings I'm going to be relying on my new, trusty Yonanas machine which is a great alternative to ice cream which is frankly the devil's spawn. I've also signed up for yoga with a friend so that will help me stay accountable and keep the stress levels down which has been a major driver in recent overeating episodes. On the motivation front - I'm also going to try and align my activity with good causes. I've signed up for to help fight malnutrition through activity and I'm going to pick some races with worthy beneficiaries. In 2014, my mantra is going to be "Running for a Reason"!!! I'm excited...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Trot 5K

Today we celebrated Lu's 3rd year runniversary! Track Shack hosted a fantastic Turkey Trot benefiting Seniors First in downtown Orlando. It has been a while and it was 38 degrees when we got there so we were freezing and full of nervous energy at the start line!

Thousands of people turned out - many in costume - and loads of families to celebrate the day together. We felt so happy and positive with such great people around us :)

I saw the lovely Sheila after the race - she finished in under 30 mins:)

We came in at right around 33 mins however :) but managed to run the whole thing which was exactly what we had hoped for. The route was so pretty - I love Lake Eola!

Today was perfect. I am so grateful for my husband, my daughter, my family, my town, my health, my work and my running partner :)
Running friendships are as beautiful as they are STRONG!!! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Costume Run

Lu and I decided to join the Disney running group for their annual Halloween costume run in Celebration. We didn't spend any time planning an outfit so I just threw on some of Maddy's cat ears and Lu found some Minnie ears. Unfortunately though, we didn't actually manage to find the group so we did it alone. So we were a cat and a mouse running around Orlando for no good reason. Ridiculous :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Neon Run!

There are just tons of novelty races doing the rounds right now. We had heard that the Neon Run was a lot of fun so we signed up for the Orlando race to find out for ourselves. We were not really sure what to expect...or what to wear...
When we arrived, there were absolutely thousands of people and some fantastic costumes!

Our goal was just to have a fun workout and experience something new :)

We covered ourselves in glow paint but it just didn't do anything in the dark really...

At the Start line there was a great buzz. Lots of dancing and positive energy and a really great DJ. And then we were off...

There were 5 main stations and each one blasted you with more glow paint. After getting soaked you got to run through a tent tunnel full of UV lights. When we saw everyone glowing for the first time - it was so cool!!
Each station was a different color and we all had a great time laughing and taking pictures of each other! And there was music throughout the whole event - not just at the stations :)
It was very difficult to get a decent picture on my camera so the photos don't really do the experience justice. But you get the idea from these :)
Needless to say, there wasn't much running going on :). In fact the first mile took over 24 minutes! But we had a great time :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Armageddon Ambush

Armageddon Ambush (link here!) was a lot tougher than Mike had planned. Seems like the race organizers had a lot of bad press but he had a great time regardless:)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tower of Terror 10 Miler - we're back!!!

Last year we did the Tower of Terror 10-Miler and I think it was my least favorite race ever (link here). Several things went wrong for me that night but heat was probably the single biggest factor. I was determined to do it again this year and make peace with the terrible experience to put it behind me!

For our training we added a mile each week, ran in the heat, and didn't miss a single long run:). Lu came back from her cruise in the morning where she had done some hypnosis too so we convinced ourselves that we would PR and focused on the power of positive thinking...

We did the expo in the morning and showed up after a day of carb-loading not too early this time. And we didn't make the mistake of wearing the terrible, fugly shirts that last year didn't help one bit with the heat...

We kept telling ourselves it was cooler than last year but to be honest - I'm not sure that was true. It was still 400 degrees:(. But we were ready for it this time!

We had to wait for over an hour in the corrals but had a nice time with the other runners :)


And at about 10:30pm we were off!!
Last year I thought the entertainment wasn't very good (compared to the Princess Half) but this year I actually really enjoyed it. I think to be honest it was probably exactly the same but my expectations were just different. Funny how that works:). I really liked the lasers, running on the ESPN track and the final mile through Disney Hollywood Studios was just fantastic!!
The race was really tough though and the blister I had gotten earlier in the week started bothering me pretty soon in. My mind played tricks with me for most of the race so I fought really hard to stay positive and we stayed close to the 2-hr pacer the whole time to keep our PR dream in sight!
We both cried as we crossed the line!! It was such a victory for the power of positive thinking and we were so happy that we performed so well! The time was just under 2 hours and 3 minutes which was almost 6 minutes faster than last year!! And I placed in the top third of my age category which I am really proud of!
The photographers must have seen how happy we were and asked if they could take a picture of us for the Run Disney Facebook page! Are you kidding?! This is the moment we have been waiting for!!
We were the main picture the next day!!! Lu said it must be a "diversity shot" Hahahaha! The medals were as gorgeous as ever too...
But I knew I was hurting and when I finally got home at about 2am I got a look at that pesky blister...
No wonder I was in pain...which goes to prove the point - if I can run for 10 miles on that, it really IS about mind over matter! Now I just have to decide what I will do next :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Color Run

We had a great time at Color Me Rad in April so we signed up for the original Color Run in Orlando at the weekend:). The race was downtown but we parked about 2 miles away (on the wrong side of town) by accident so we got to walk through some of the poorest neighborhoods in Orlando before and after the race. We were both surprised how scary parts of Orlando are and it was a bit of a surreal start to the whole thing; we were really relieved to finally arrive safely and enjoy the usual pre-race festivities. We got packets and bibs quickly and there were thousands of participants and a really good DJ so our spirits lifted a bit as we got started!

Here's what the paint stations look and feel like...Lu loves pink!!!

 At the end of the race there was a massive party for the finishers and the next wave to go...

The organizers did a really nice job, and it was interesting to compare the two different races - but I have to admit - to be brutally honest, I don't think I'll be doing one of these paint runs again :(. The novelty is great the first time but just not the same on the second one. And there isn't really much running going on. In fact, at one point we were the only people actually running! :). That said, the highlight of the day was spending lots of quality time with lovely Lu. We always have fun - and these are some of my favorite pictures of us together :).

I'm really glad we did it - and I would still totally recommend one to anyone (particularly with kids who are new to running) but I don't think I'll be walking though Orlando covered in paint again any time soon ;)

And this will be the second (and final) time that I go to work with green highlights on Monday...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mike's American Mud Race

Here's Mike at AMR all by himself! It takes a lot of determination to get yourself out of bed and drive an hour at the break of dawn to push yourself to the limit...

And without the girls needing help over the walls, he managed to finish in 48 minutes!! (Results here!)
And apparently had a great time...:)
Congratulations Mike!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Celebration of Running 5K

It's been over 6 weeks since my last running event. Both Lu and I were really nervous but looking forward to getting back into the game today and the Track Shack Celebration of Running 5K came at just the right time!

I have missed Lu sooooo much - we work so well together! Today, we set our goal at just running the whole thing no matter how slow...

Tech shirts - always a plus!

It was really busy like most of the Track Shack events, well-organized, with a nice route and friendly spectators :)

We did it! And they gave out great medals too! And after running in the heat and humidity I really felt like I deserved one!

What a great way to start the season!! I have a long way to go but it's so great to feel back on track!