Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seasons 52 5.2K

Today was just a perfect running day:). We got up early for our first 5K of the year and saw a coyote in our back yard before we even left! It was pretty cold when we arrived in Winter Park so we took a little run to warm up. I don't usually run at all before a race and it actually really helped so I think I'm going to do that every time now! We didn't take cameras to the race location which was such a shame because it was gorgeous!

It's a Team Daaaaamn! reunion!!

I wore my new Christmas kicks. I've been running in Newton's for so long but I actually really love these Asics too now!
Track Shack do such a nice job of their events - there were just over 2000 runners and we all had a really great time and ran really well.

We don't let a bit of sweat get in the way of a great post-race hug :)

It's been forever since I did a straight 5K and I've become really reliant on intervals so the goal was just to keep running the whole time. I was shooting for under 33 mins ideally so I was really thrilled to see my 5K chip time come in at 30:34!! That's the fastest 5K since October 2011 for me:). I feel really motivated to do some speed work now and try and get back under 30 minutes. 2013 is going to be awesome!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lu's Amazing Race!

After months of rigorous training, today was the day that Lu officially became a MARATHONER!! Team Daaaamn! were there to catch the big moment just outside Epcot...

Just watching the people coming over the line, sharing their determination, suffering, elation and accomplishment was totally insiprational. I can't imagine how amazing it must have felt to be on the other side of the gate...

It was the 20 year marathon anniversary for Disney. The medals were gorgeous!

Lu cried when she came into the home stretch, here she is recreating the moment!
Lovely Lu!!
Team Daaaaamn!
This is my favorite picture. I wonder how many times marathoners just look at their medal and can't quite believe they actually did it.
And in her own words...

How totally inspirational! CONGRATULATIONS LU!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Janathon is here!

I so needed a brand new year with new goals and new challenges:). 2012 has been exhausting and I'm totally ready to hit the ground running (literally) in 2013!! I feel really motivated and positive about my new goals and losing some weight:). And I can't think of a better way to start the year than by signing up for Janathon (link here)!!!

Janathon is a virtual event organized by a group of runners in the UK. Basically it's a challenge - you have to run (or do some other form of exercise) and blog about it every day for a month! I did the same challenge in June last year and despite some rule bending here and there, I did it and the results were amazing (link here)! Here goes...:)

Day 1: Bike trainer, 20 minutes

This one was huge for me today for a number of reasons:

1. I have been really lazy lately

2. Things have a tendency to stay in their boxes in my house if they don't get opened and assembled in about a week. I didn't want my new bike trainer to become one of them!

3. I haven't ridden my bike since we moved in October so now the tires are inflated again and I have located all my biking paraphernalia I have no excuses!!

4. I need to have some way to exercise indoors that does not involve a DVD. I would rather sell an organ than do a DVD. Unless its the Thriller dance. Which is really good exercise so it counts;)

Anyway, after a frustrating hour putting it together and some help from Mike my new bike trainer works!!! And it feels a lot like real biking. And it's sweaty :)

Day 2: Bike trainer, 20 minutes

I rescheduled tonight's planned run for tomorrow so I figured I'd do the trainer again. This time I pimped it up with a special towel cover that has a remote control holder. It's actually called a bike thong which made me giggle :). Day 2 done!!

Day 3: Run, 35 minutes, 3 miles

Lu's back!!! Ebaaaaa!

Day 4: Nothing
Day 5: Nothing :(
Day 6: Run 75 minutes-ish, 6 miles
Day 7: Bike trainer 20 minutes
Day 8: Nothing
Day 9: Nothing
Day 10: Run 35 minutes-ish, 3 miles

OK it's officially over. I have too many days to catch up. Janathon - you have gotten the better of me! See you in June when I'll be ready for you. Grrrrr!!!