Sunday, July 1, 2012

Juneathon - the verdict!

Juneathon is finally over!!!

Juneathon, "the annual festival of activity and excuses" is an event within the blogging community where you commit to working out (and blogging about it) every day for the entire month of June! Since this is usually the month that my activity levels seriously slow down, I signed up to see if it would help me stay on track during the hot, hot season:). My goal was to work out every day for at least 20 minutes and 'eat clean' for the whole month...and here's how it went...

In the first week I managed to miss a couple of days so I changed the rules and gave myself the opportunity to make missed sessions up on other days (because bending the rules is how I roll). I realized pretty quickly that making up sessions was far from ideal and did pretty well at staying on track for the rest of the month! The eating clean thing was more of a challenge though and I counted 8 days during the month where I just didn't :(. Here's what I learned:

* The days when I didn't eat clean were generally the ones when I didn't work out, primarily due to poor energy levels :(
* Even though I only technically had to do 20 mins activity a day, I actually did an average of 35 mins per day :)
* I ran over 41 miles during the month compared to 17 for last June and worked out for an extra 7 hours too!

So it was a huge success! My triathlon training is right on track and I only have two more months until the temperatures are a lot more bearable!! I feel healthy and strong and even ready for something I've never tried before - a race in July!! Thank you Juneathon for keep me on track:).

And my goals for July? I'm going to stay on top of the triathlon training program (here!) and cut down in half the average number of days that I don't eat clean which will give me 4 'off' days for the month :).

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