Sunday, March 31, 2013

American Mud Race!

Mary (my longest friendship of over 35 years!) came to visit and joined Team Daaaaammn! for our second American Mud Race :)
We showed Mary the American bad-ass devil sign for photo opportunities throughout the race...

But she was more comfortable with the good ol' English finger point

Not sure which country does this kind of nonsense...

The race was really fun and just what I needed to get back on track after after way too much over-indulgence and lack of running over the past couple of weeks :). There were so many inspirational people - this guy completed the whole race with only one leg...
Team Daaaaaaammmn! - muddy and done :)

Soooo happy to have my Lu back!

Mike loved helping his girls over all of the obstacles...

And it was so lovely for me to get to share the experience with my Mary. Cheers!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pig on the Pond 5K

2013 is going so well - I've already done 5 races so far! For the Pig on the Pond 5K, we met up with Sean and headed over to the scenic race route which was alongside Lake Minneola in Clermont.
The race is part of a bigger, annual festival - so we ran alongside the gorgeous lake and then finished in the fairground which was different!

My goal was to come in under 31 minutes and place reasonably well, Mike was looking to place and Sean was looking to beat 30 minutes...
And we all hit our goals! Sean came in 20 seconds under 30 mins! I placed 4th out of 32 in my agegroup!!
And Mike came in first place in his age group!!! Boo Ya!!!
And we even got a medal too :). Fun race, great company, gorgeous views and great results. So worth getting up early on the weekend for!