Saturday, August 1, 2009

Building the habit...

I've made some great progress over the last month or so. I went to Boston for a conference and Mike and Maddy came too. On one of the days there, I actually got up first thing in the morning to work out at the hotel gym (I've never seen the inside of a hotel gym before, let alone before 7 in the morning). I was totally shocked that there were 16 people in there - who knew! I have been trying to run the block by my house (it's about 0.8 of a mile) and so far have been able to increase my distance from the end of the street to about half way before I need to stop. I'm still not really 'running' when I'm in the gym but I am forcing myself to stay on the elyptical for 20 minutes solidly. It is boring though...The weights class at work every Monday is helping and at least I'm talking to runners about running. We met Scott and the kids in Cape Cod and he gave me some really critical advice: "If you hate it - you are running too fast." So, I have slowed right down and that is really helping. When Gail came to visit we ran together at the hotel in Orlando and at LA Fitness and I can see I'm getting better each and every time! Thank you Scott - you are a great mentor!

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