Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting back into the running groove

Everything has gone a bit pear-shaped (including me) on the exercise front lately so I've decided that today is the day to refocus, reflect and set a new goal. I've realized that in just six weeks it will be a whole year since I did my first 5K, the Tampa Police Memorial 5K on Bayshore, so I definately need to do that one again and hopefully celebrate how far I've come:).

To get back on track I'm going to try running outside first thing in the morning when it's not too hot. I ran at 5:45 a.m. for the first time ever this week and followed the advice of a friend and ran laps instead of a run out and run back. It made a huge difference mentally since I wasn't constantly worried about getting further and further away from my house and not having the energy or desire to run all the way back in time to get ready for work!

Last October I was in a world of hurt when I threw up as I crossed that finish line...

Check out my face in the photo and the face of the lady at the front on the right hand side a little closer. Yep - I'm in trouble and she knows it...:)

Let's see if we can achieve a prettier 'over the line' picture this year shall we?