Saturday, November 6, 2010

Richards Run for Life 5K

We had a really great time at the Richard's Run for Life 5K in Ybor last night and both got new PRs - 23:13 for Mike and 31:06 for me! It was our first night race and about 10 degrees cooler than just last week. Perfect running conditions, great friends, beer and food and a fab after race party! My fave race so far!

Here's Catherine, Aleisha, me and Mike. It was Aleisha's first 5K and she made it look so easy! Catherine ran like the wind - the times aren't in yet but she looked so fast!! Go girls!

David, Mike, Darren, Emily and Ermie!

 Ermie's cousin and his friend are marathoners. I felt cool just taking a photo of them:)

Me, Mike and Ems with a post-race beer (it's very important from a health perpective to replenish your electrolytes after a run...or something like that...)

Darren, me, Ems and Ermie - the 'Grow' team...

Rafe - also part of the 'Grow' team and not in the group shot due to speculation about what may or may not be under the kilt. 'Is it safe Rafe?'

The massive beer line...

 Ermie joined in on the post-race dancing...

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