Sunday, December 19, 2010

Goals for 2011...

When I look back over the past year I'm really happy at how I've done:). My running goals for 2010 were...

* Finish a 5K in under 30 mins
* Do a 10K
* Exercise at least three times a week and add some variety

I did manage a couple of 5Ks in under 30 minutes but only on the treadmill and I never managed to pull it off under race conditions. That will be my goal for this year. I'm most proud of my first 10K which I did on December 17th! This was the very last race of the year so I'm going to try and get this year's goals done a bit sooner so that I don't feel quite so much pressure:). My last goal to establish a regular workout regimen went very well. I'm now safely in 'the groove' and have changed my lifestyle accordingly. I ran about 300 miles this year in total and participated in 10 races for some amazing charities. I have also connected with some of the nicest people that I am really happy to have as my 'running buddies.' I definitely have better energy levels and feel much stronger than ever before. I also have a deeper appreciation for people with disabilities or injuries and recognize that running in particular is such a privilege. I feel so lucky that I can (albeit slowly :)).

So for 2011, here are my new goals:

* Run over 350 miles
* Do at least 6 fitness events
* Complete a 15K or a Sprint Triathlon
* Finish a 5K race in under 30 mins

Yikes! These feel very ambitious...gulp...

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