Saturday, August 25, 2012

American Mud Race!

It seems like forever since we had a race and I haven't been running nearly as regularly as I was a couple of months ago:(. We had registered for the American Mud Race in Orlando in response to a fantastic Groupon deal ages ago so despite the fact that Lu and I both have rotten colds we decided that we were too cheap to do the sensible thing and rest:). We started to feel a bit more ready after our medicine...
So nice to have my Lu back from Brasil...

And we can get back into the swing of posing for photos competing again!

Mike was so excited - he loves the mud races - it's a boy thing :)

We realized when we got there that we had inadvertently signed up for the competitive wave so the other 'athletes' were a bit more, well, athletic-looking than usual. But Team Daaaaamn!!! doesn't worry about stuff like that and we refused to be intimidated!
We all agreed that the course was more challenging than the one at Mud Crusade and there were more obstacles that got the better of me this time. That said, I was very proud that I did the massive cargo net! The mud was crazy and at one point we actually had to swim through the forest which was interesting!
The whole event was well-organized and we loved the spirited spectators - particularly the kids who lined up to high-five us about 2 miles in. So sweet :)
After what seemed like a very long time we were done! They had a slide and water tank at the very end which was a perfect way to finish!

Team Daaaaamn!

I missed you Lu :)

Another amazing experience!  I did really well with endurance overall during the race but my biggest area of opportunity is still the monkey bars. I need to do some serious work on my guns so that I can complete them without falling into the mud pit one day :). For now, I'm going to celebrate the fact that this is the first year that I've managed to do an event right through the Summer months! And it's September next week which means that running season is officially here!!

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