Sunday, February 16, 2014

Event 2 of 14 in 2014 - Winter Garden 2 miler and 10K

Team Daaaaammmnnn!!! showed up for the annual Winter Garden 2-miler and 10K this weekend! I didn't feel quite ready for the 10K yet this year so rather than give up altogether, I decided to focus on running a bit faster for the 2-miler instead.

I came in at just under 20 minutes which was the fastest I've ran in some time so I was really pleased! Mike did the 2-miler as a warm up for the 10K :). It was fun to be a spectator and cheerleader for his race a change!

We went for a coffee at Axum - the best coffee shop in the world - while Mike was setting the pavement alight...

And just over 50 minutes later - he was in so we gave him some 'over-the-line' love :)

He looked great and earned some fabulous bling...

Great job Mike!
My activity levels are gradually increasing in 2014 now and I've even tried hot yoga a couple of times (which was tough but made me feel really great afterwards). This week I also played tennis again after a 15 year hiatus and totally loved it! Getting back to regular activity has been so much tougher than slacking off was but it's coming back together now and I'm starting to feel much better. I'll get there :)

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