Saturday, April 17, 2010

Relay for Life 5K

I felt completely unprepared to run a 5K with all of the leg problems and frankly I hadn't been enjoying running lately for some reason. I had a minor surgery coming up which was on my mind a lot too. After taking a full week off I ran one full 5K at the gym the week before the race and tried to lower my expectations a bit. I ran with Mike and Emily again and the race itself was really disorganized. It was supposed to start at 9 (at which time it is already too hot in my opinion) but didn't actually start until 9:40. I wanted to just run the whole distance to be honest and not get shin splints. After a reasonable start I stopped running at 25 minutes and walked for a while. I just felt so hot and miserable. I managed a sprint at the end and came in at over 34 mins. For now, I am just going to have to celebrate the fact that I did it. It seems like this running thing is like taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back sometimes. It's hard on your body and you get injured from time to time. And when you rest from injury it's really hard not to see a slip in your times. I really need to push through this...

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