Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to be a nosy neighbor...

The whole biking thing is really coming around now which is a good job since I have a mystery knee injury:(. It happened on a Sunday morning long run about three weeks ago and has been very painful after a mile or so ever since and feels just like it's 'giving out' whenever I run. I've tried the usual stuff (rest, icing, elevation etc.) and a couple of bandage-type contraptions, but it's not getting any better so I think it's time to see the doctor. I'm trying to find a sports doc so that I won't get the predictable 'stop running' advice:). Anyway, I'm also trying really hard to stay positive. I've been able to run over 200 miles this year including completing a triathlon and a 15K. And it's Summer so I have plenty of time until the season kicks back in. It's going to be fine :).

I'm also staying focused on what I can do for now. I found this really cool article on (here) which recommends: antigravity running, steep uphill walking, pool running, elliptical training and cycling. Since I don't have access to an antigravity machine (Cool Running writing team - you may have wanted to just leave that part in for the version of the article that went to NASA - just saying) that gives me 4 great options! I have found a great swim coach and partner (thank you Kathleen!) and I'm getting out on the bike on a more regular basis now.

It has made all the difference in the world to play my ipod while I ride (in just one ear - I know I need to be able to hear traffic mum) and I'm gradually getting faster. I have a favorite 12 mile route that's really pretty and I always seem to see something interesting while I'm out. Just today I saw my favorite sandhill cranes hanging out...

And you can be a really nosy neighbor too - look what happened to their car - blimey!

Running is so goal-oriented and I'm always thinking about how far and how fast. I'm going to set a biking goal to keep it interesting for me. My first goal is to complete 15 miles in under an hour. I know that's still very slow but it will be a big accomplishment for me. Wish me luck!

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