Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dogs are smart...

So I have managed to run 3 times a week for 3 consecutive weeks! The very last run however was in NC while on vacation and was awful for a number of reasons:
  • I had been eating and drinking way too much over the previous couple of days.
  • I went out midday thinking that the temperatures would be cooler than in FL. I later discovered the "feels like" temperature was over 100 degrees:(.
  • I took a dog with me who gave up sooner than I did. Now I could have returned him to the house after the first mile loop of course but he gave me the "you're crazy if you carry on with this" look and I believed him. He's a very smart dog.

  • NC is very hilly and I hate hills because I'm a wimp.
So after only one disastrous mile I gave up. Not just for that run but for the whole week! I just didn't want to run again. Ever! Anyway, now I'm back home and a week of excessing has taken it's toll. Physically I feel like crap and I want to get back right away to some healthy living. The running Gods must have heard me since on Tuesday I got an email from Active Trainer reminding me that my training for the Half in November begins this week. I'm still not feeling confident that I'll actually be able to do the race itself so I'm going to stay focused on just the training for now. Oh and that 'running three times a week for four weeks in a row' thing that I haven't done yet!!

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