Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lowry Park Zoo Run Run

I did this race last year and remembered it being really tough.'s about time I get back into doing events again (I really need the accountability:)) so when I heard Emily was doing it again I decided to sign up!

I had to get up at 5:30 for pre-registration so it was pitch dark when I arrived...

The race route went through the zoo and alongside the Hillsborough river and surrounding area. The animals are still sleeping at that time for the most part so I only actually managed to see an eagle and eel that I remember! It was just over 85 degrees so there were a lot of walkers and the pace was slow which was exactly what I needed :).

I was really proud of myself that I managed to run the whole thing despite the temperatures. Running in the heat is still something I really struggle with but I am doing so much better at toughing it out now. We were so spent at the end that we couldn't even stand up for the post-race picture!

And the best part of all? Heading home to enjoy the weekend (go back to bed) with another event completed and it's not even 8:30!!!

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