Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 Memorial 5K

September the 11th, 2011 marked the 10-year anniversary of that dreadful day in American history that changed all of our lives. When we saw that there would be an Inaugural 911 Memorial 5K locally, we thought that would be a perfect way to remember, and pay our respects to the thousands of families impacted by that day and the events that followed.

Proceeds from this race help support the nonprofit group Homes for Our Troops, which was founded in 2004 to help provide housing to injured military servicemen and women when they return stateside. Specifically, funds raised by the event will go toward building a home in the Lutz area for Army Sgt. Austin Burchard who was left a paraplegic due to severe injuries caused by a gunshot wound while manning a post in a gun turret in Wardack Province, Afghanistan on March 19, 2009.

Up at 5:30 a.m. again!

Mike met the mayor of Tarpon Springs as we were getting registered. For my British friends/family - this is what a real American mayor dresses like...

For my American friends/family - this is how the mayors in England rock 'em...

There were about 500 runners and the sun came out as we lined up during the pre-race ceremony...

The route was a sunny 'out and back' on the water in New Port Richey. Loved these girls' T-Shirts...

Several neighbors came out of the houses and waved flags and cheered us along...

The last mile was tough so it was great to have Mike to cheer me in :)

Mike came second in his age category! What now Mike!

And I beat the dog :)

We loved our medals and T-Shirts...

That's three 5Ks in three weeks so I'm spent for a while. So glad I did this one though...


  1. Hey Clare! It was great to meet you at the race and I'm thrilled you were able to find my blog so we can continue to support, encourage and follow each other's progress.

    Loved your recap! You are such a hoot! What a lively and spirited person you are, even after our heat stroke. You're as lively and funny online as in person. xox

    I'll have my post up late this week. It's so hard to write a decent recap with my little one tugging on me all day long. bleh.

    Keep in touch because I'm also organizing a Tampa Bay Blogger Meetup in March. You can follow me on FB and Twitter to learn the details about that event.


  2. Oh and BTW...I added you to my blog roll. :-)

  3. Denise - I will definately be at the next blog meet up - see you again soon! C