Saturday, January 7, 2012

Well thank you Disney!!!

After a blissful couple of months eating pretty much whatever I want I finally checked into Rehab enrolled in Weight Watchers ;). I was not looking forward to the meetings at all but actually they have been incredibly helpful and upbeat and so far it's going really well. I met Luciana at one of the meetings and we instantly hit it off! I've lacked running motivation a bit lately so she has really helped me get my mojo back too. We did our first run together today at the North Ridge Bridge 5K. Now if I'd paid closer attention to the name of the race I would have realized it involved bridges and chickened out altogether. It was only after it had already started that we realized what we were in for! We decided to make the best of the situation and focus on the extra calories that we would burn on those hills!!

Not sure if it was the 'bridge' thing that put other people off or the fact that this weekend is the big marathon weekend at Disney or the fact that it has been freezing all week but for whatever reason, there were hardly any other runners at all!

So we cheered each other along...

...and just enjoyed the scenery ;). About halfway in I realized that there was hardly anyone else who looked like they were in my age category and I might actually place!!!

And whaddya know - I came in SECOND!!!! 

Despite the fact that my time was only 31:22, and they were clearly handing out trophys like cheap candy at Halloween, I have to admit - this was a very exciting experience for me. I am already fully bonded to my new treasure, particularly since it is significantly larger than the two that Mike has won so far...

Later I saw that they had been rearranged...

But the highlight of the day was the fabulous company - we had such a GREAT time!! Thank you Luciana!!!