Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lady Track Shack 5K

I met Luciana *still dark* and early for the Lady Track Shack 5K this morning in Winter Park. This race had it all - great cause (cancer), great route, great company, great weather and cute shirts!!

We were really excited to do our second race together and be in the company of 2,000 amazing women!

Track Shack do a fine job of hosting a really entertaining and organized race and the route was really pretty too.

The spectators were awesome too and really kept us motivated!

I wanted to capture that 'over the line' moment - it's such a great feeling!

Today was not a record breaker for me at just under 32 minutes but I know that I pushed myself hard the whole way so I'm really proud of myself!  It's also so wonderful to have such a special running buddy and it's really helping me get my mojo back! Thank you Luciana - you are such a joy to run with!!

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