Sunday, August 17, 2014

I'm a CROW pro!

Canoe Races of the World, also known as C.R.O.W., is a beloved, annual event that dates back to 1963. Scores of Disney Cast Members arrive at Magic Kingdom before sunrise each July to participate. About 80 teams (each has 10 people on board) compete on the Rivers of America before the park opens in canoes that were part of the original Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes attraction. Teams that row around Tom Sawyer’s Island with the best times, averaging around five minutes, advance to the finals and get a chance to race against the clock in a championship round.

This was my third year as a CROW participant so I was only eligible to compete in the pro league which was a little intimidating! I wasn't sure how I'd even find a team since I had just transferred to my new position in the Workforce Management team in May so I was really thrilled to learn that the local CROW coordinator was in the office next door to mine. She got me hooked up and I was really happy to be able to participate for the third year in a row!

The first year my boat came in at just over 7 minutes. Not fast enough to place, but a very respectable first-time performance. (link here!). Last year we came in at just over 6 minutes  (link here!) so that was the time I was looking to beat:)

My new boat buddies...

We were doing so well on the big day but unfortunately the boat in front of us ran into trouble and obstructed our final approach:(. We still beat the time but lost about 30 seconds in the near collision. Regardless, we had a great time and there's always next year! So happy I signed up and made some new friends!

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