Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long Run at the Ranch 5K

Fantastic 5K at the Long Run at the Ranch today, our first 5K of 2011...

We met up with Kathleen, Darren and Emily when we got there. Really great friends to run with :).

The course was twice round a 1.5 mile loop and I took my camera for the first time. There were only about 200 runners so we were really well spread out and it was flat and open the whole way round. Together with the beatiful weather the running conditions were so perfect :)

At this race last year, Mike and I had PRs of 23:14 and 31:51 respectively. This year we had PRs again - but 21:41 and 28:24 this time! I was 6th in my group!!!

Here is the youngest participant of the fun run. When he crossed the line he said "can I get a bagel now?" - too cute:)

Mike came third in his age group and won another 'Running Man' trophy for his collection!

Now we have two, proudly on display at the Early home. From a decor standpoint, you really can't have too many...

And with two, you can make them 'fist pump' each other:)

And then Mike won the drawing for the cool sunglasses. What now!

This is exactly why we run...on a day like today - you just can't beat the feeling:)!

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