Monday, January 10, 2011

New Shoes for Mike!

We went to the fabulous Fitniche at the weekend to get Mike a new pair of sneakers. According to running shoe manufacturers you're supposed to buy new ones every 300 miles/6 months or so but Mike thinks that's a made-up conspiracy to get at his hard-earned money. So it took quite a bit of persuading that after 5 years or so he really could do with a new pair. Here's Mike's 'gait analysis' where they filmed him running on a treadmill and slowed it down on a TV to find the right fit just for him based on his footstrike.

First they put him on a treadmill...

According to Mike, in the next photo the store employee is looking up fancy terms on her computer like "over-pronating" and "cadence" so that she can hit him up for lots of money when he's too tired to argue...

Mike's feet - literally bursting into flames on the wide-screen...;)

He went home with a pair of Nikes in the end...:)

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