Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fed Up :(

Not sure what's going on but despite my best efforts it's going horribly pear-shaped in the running department at the moment. After a couple of indoor runs in the Vibrams I braved the outside for the first time at the weekend. We treated it as if it were a race and got up at 7am, did our stretches and hit the road. Maddy took her bicycle and it felt really great to be exercising as a family:). I took it really slowly and used the pavement on the way out. My legs started to hurt a bit so I switched to grass on the way home. It was actually really nice to feel the blades of grass beneath my feet and I had to focus so hard on the ground to avoid holes and anthills that the time passed really quickly! So last night I hit the treadmill but for some reason just couldn't finish. After 28 minutes my legs were in so much pain I just couldn't carry on. I'm not sure if it's shin splints or calf pain from the change to landing on the front of my feet which Vibrams forces you to do. Mike asked me whether the pain was in the front or back of my legs. To be honest I couldn't even tell - it all just HURTS! Is this why they say it takes a while to get used to the barefoot thing? Was it the concrete? When am I going to be able get back to running 5 miles again? Why can't I break a 33 minute 5K when I was doing under 30 minutes just 3 months ago? Right now my legs hurt, I can barely finish a run, when I can I'm slow, and I've gone from feeling like a rockstar to a crazy monkey woman. So I'm back in the shin splint guards today to relieve the pain. I've no idea what to try next - I'm too fed up to even think about it :(.

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