Saturday, May 15, 2010

Miles for Moffitt 5K

Had a good week preparing to get 'back in the game' in time for the weekend 5K. My original goal was to run in under 33 minutes but my as my confidence waivered throughout the week I decided I'd be happy if I just ran all of the way without stopping. On Monday I couldn't resist trying out the new Vibrams on the treadmill and it went really well aside from some strange looks in the gym and irritating some of last week's blisters. Mike wore his outside and absolutely loves them! On Tuesday I celebrated my birthday. Mike gave me the cutest card (don't you love the way he labeled the people just in case I didn't "get it"?)...

...and he made a cake from frozen fat-free Cool Whip...

...and gave me a Body Bugg to track calorie expenditure...

I wore the Body Bugg to the gym on Wednesday to see how accurate that calorie meter on the cross trainer really is. After an hour, the machine said 576 and the Body Bugg said 440 so basically it's a Tall Light Frappacino off - good to know :). I was just starting to feel mildly confident as I left the office when I was caught in the lobby by a coworker who shared that she was also running but she couldn't believe how slow her 5K times were and she had even said to her girlfriend "can you believe we are actually going to get beaten by Clare!?" as if I was some kind of slug! Just the determination boost I needed :).

Mike woke me up at 6am on Saturday to the theme tune for Rocky and I got ready. Over 5,000 runners turned up and there were lots of booths, live bands etc. and a great atmosphere. Met up with Emily for some positive vibes before the race:). The first half of the run was great but I must have been overdoing it because the second half was really tough. I did manage to run the whole distance (albeit very slowly at times) though.

Got home, checked the Body Bugg (the run was worth 450 calories or a nice big bowl of low fat icecream) and took a lovely snooze. The results came in later - 33:03 :)

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