Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vibram fivefingers for two!

This morning we took a trip to Fit2Run at International Mall on the way to the beach to pick up some Vibram fivefingers. These shoes are supposed to give you the whole barefoot running experience but with a bit of foot protection. Even the Tamahumara strap bits of rubber tires on their soles sometimes! The store guy told us that they are actually selling out in many of the styles and they are really growing in popularity. Well, if that's true they must really help you run fast because they look absolutely hideous!

And here's the other problem... "monkey boy" Mike loves his new footwear so much he's now wearing them everywhere. Here he is in Clearwater later this afternoon...remind you of anything?...

Anyway, blisters are still on the mend so it's the cross trainer for me tomorrow and I'll try out my new "foot gloves" on Wednesday - wish me luck!

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